Nokia 9210 communicator.


Type High-End Smart-Phone (Cellular-PDA).
Pricing High price-range.
Main features Cellular: Basic Cell-phone functions, integrated hands-free
PIM: Calendar, Contacts, Messaging (SMS, E-mail), MS-Office compatible, colour screen...


Once you hook up the phone on a free RS232 port (USB-connection is NOT available) on your desktop after installing the PC-suite, you are up and running in no time:
Just synchronize with the data in MS Outlook, and all your contacts are transfered to your Nokia. The same goes for all you appointments and tasks...
The only drawback: you have to beware about the way you have entered the phonenumbers on your desktop in order to being able to use them on your phone...


It is a rather bulky phone (I heard about someone who killed his neighbour's dog with it, and called him moments later with the same phone...), but much is compensated by the extensive capabilities and large amount of software available for this 2-in-1. Personaly I liked the availability of a comfortable keyboard, and a highly MS-Excel-compatible spreadsheet.


Nokia's website.